NEUROSCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES provides a wide range of services within the field of neuropathic pain.

Medical Services:

  • We have state-of-the-art techniques, equipment and expertise to diagnose neuropathic pain conditions. Patients with chronic symptoms, who have suffered multiple previous referrals to different specialists, may end their search for a diagnosis with us.

Research Services:

  • We specialize in providing studies to test the efficacy of substances proposed as treatments for neuropathic pain.

  • We can help with designing the study protocol, adjusting easily to timeline needs, and we can advise on how to proceed with drug development after the end of the study.

  • Our studies are useful in different ways:


    • they help to assess the physiological actions of a compound that has appeared promising in behavioral studies.
    • they help to provide a better description of compounds and their mechanism of action, increasing their value when preparing for licensing.
    • especially, they help to anticipate clinical efficacy or to demonstrate the lack of physiological effect and hence, the viability of a given drug.
  • CLINICAL STUDIES: Objective quantification of the effects of the drug on spontaneous pain fiber activity allows small (<60 patients), short (about 4 months) and efficient early clinical studies. A negative result can save money and time to pharmaceutical companies. A positive result anticipates a high probability of positive phase II trials.

  • PRECLINICAL STUDIES: Electrophysiology is similar among mammals. Therefore, the results of these studies are translational. Our preclinical studies give the first objective, quantifiable input regarding the effects of a drug on spontaneous nociceptor activity.

  • IN VITRO STUDIES: Our automated patch clamp allows us to screen libraries of compounds searching for a hit on specific ion channels believed to have a therapeutical effect on neuropathic pain. This service is most useful to small biotechnology companies.
Other therapeutical areas:

NEUROSCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES also performs studies to test treatments for inflammatory pain, studies to assess painful side effects of a compound intended to treat another condition, or studies where any of the techniques we perform can help assess the effects of a drug (e.g. somatosensory evoked potentials in a model of multiple sclerosis).